A new rainwater tank for Rukole Primary school in Tanzania was financed through crowdfunding (swish).

Thanks to your donations a rainwater tank is now being built at Rukole Primary School.

The tank will provide drinking water for the over 1300 students. The rainwater tank collects water during the rainy season and provides the school with drinking water during the dry season.  The donated money goes directly to the construction of the tank with local volunteers (some parents of the school children) and local workers. All work by members of Engineers Without Borders is volunteer work. 


Work as a volunteer for 9 months?
If you have the possibility to work as a volunteer for a long time it will surely be an experience you will never forget. Engineers Without Borders needs experienced engineers in many tasks. To stay abroad as a volunteer for 3-12 months is a good way to use your engineering skills to help others. One of our volunteers, Marianne Grauers is currently staying in Karagwe district in Tanzania for 9 months. There she is working with many different projects like for example providing clean water in villages and schools. If you are interested contact: marianne.grauers@ewb-swe.org