A new chairman and steering group for Engineers Without Borders Sweden

At the annual meeting in April, a partially new steering group was elected and I gained the confidence to lead this work. To our support, we have a Secretary General - Caroline Bastholm, a new role in the organisation. Many exciting challenges lie ahead such as increased support to the local groups, better internal communication and much more.  At the annual meeting surprisingly many, but good motions came in that will be undertaken in the steering group.

An essential task in the coming year is to strengthen our vision work. This together with our guiding principles will be discussed and more strongly incorporated in our work.

The summer is here and with it, we have a lot of activity in our international projects. Many are now in the field to carry out the work that was prepared for during the winter and spring. On the web page there is information about the international projects and but also our other humanitarian engineering projects such as Engineer to Engineer, Openhack, Inspire Youth and much more.

I wish you all a good summer!

Janne Byfors