Engineers on their way - Care to join

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Engineers on their way-Care to join” is an exhibition with the aim to inform and inspire engineering student by showing how engineering skills are needed and used to help refugees. The exhibition has been created with the engineer in mind, presenting five different initiatives in which engineering plays a key role in helping displaced people. For each initiative, the need and the requirements in the specific case are stated, followed by the solution provided by the initiator. By acknowledging different aspects of displacement and by showing a wide spectrum of engineering being applied, the exhibition informs and hopefully inspires engineers, future engineers and others to contribute to a better world.

The exhibition was an initiative from the EWB Linköping where it has also been exhibited during the spring. The exhibition is intended to be long-lived and used elsewhere and will go on a tour to other EWB groups. During the fall, it will be shown at Uppsala University and Chalmers University and the exhibition will hopefully continue to other universities.