Engineers Without Borders announce a new graphical identity created by ALTEN Sweden

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) are strengthening their identity by an update of the visual profile. ALTEN Sweden is the company behind the development of the new identity, which is gradually being implemented starting May 28, 2019.

The initiative has aimed to strengthen EWB's identity and the symbolism of the organization's values. Through colours and shapes, the new visual identity aims at creating a connection to sustainability and engineering. The concept, which is developed by ALTEN, includes a new logo, typography and graphical guidelines.

- We identified a need within the organization to update the visual identity. The members' opinion was that the current identity was somewhat challenging to work with, especially in international contexts. We are delighted to have had support by ALTEN, who contributed with their professionalism and competence to ensure we successfully reached our goals throughout the process, says Caroline Bastholm, Secretary General at Engineers Without Borders Sweden.

- It is a great honour to be part of the update of the new visual identity for one of our most essential engineering organizations in Sweden. It is important for us to support projects like these, and we are looking forward to upcoming collaborations with EWB, says CEO Martin Segerström at ALTEN Sweden.


About ALTEN Sweden AB:
ALTEN has been established in Sweden since November of 2008 and is today one of the largest consultancy companies in Europe within technology and IT. ALTEN is present in 20 countries, with its headquarters in Paris, and has over 28 000 employees where 88 % are engineers. In Sweden, ALTEN has 1700 employees and offices in twelve different locations. In Sweden, most of ALTEN's customers are within the automobile-, telecom-, defense-, energy- and life science industries where ALTEN is active throughout the development chain. The Design & Visualization department works with industrial design as well as supporting our customers in graphical projects.