Blogpost from Tatum Cameroon 24th of May 2018

Currently, two members from the EWB project Waccess (short for water access) are performing a field study in the village of Tatum in Cameroon. This post will describe the project as well as the first days in Cameroon.

Waccess is a continued collaboration between EWB and the Cameroonian NGO Afoni children of hope foundation (ACOHOF). So far two projects, installation of solar panels and a computer lab, have been completed together with ACOHOF on their family farm school (FFS) in the village of Tatum in Cameroon. The project Waccess aims to continue the successful collaboration with the local partner organisation, but this time focusing on the critical water situation in Tatum. For the past year, members of the Waccess project have been working on ideas to improve the water access for students and staff at the FFS as well as other members of the community in Tatum. The original plan was to understand the water situation and come up with a solution in Sweden before travelling to Tatum to implement a technical system. However, the group realised that it was not possible to understand the current water situation well enough to determine the best solution back home in Sweden. Therefore, it was decided to do a field study in order make the most out of the project and to eliminate the risk of choosing the wrong approach.
Tatum is a village located approximately 2000 meters above sea level in the northwest English-speaking region of Cameroon and to go here, you have to drive through the French region. The two regions are currently in a dispute about, to be short: equal rights. The dispute is noticeable in Cameroon since the anglophones have been demonstrating against the French government which has responded by announcing a curfew between 9 pm and 5 am and by cutting the internet access from time to time. Many schools are either closed or not fully staffed due to the protests.
When arriving in Tatum we who are representing EWB spent our first time getting to know the surroundings and the staff at ACOHOF.  During the first three days in Tatum different meetings have been held with staff at ACOHOF. We have also had the chance to visit the ACOHOF family farm school (FFS) to examine their water sources and usage.

32215478_10215964536364071_5949887679129714688_n1 (1).jpg


Before the trip to Tatum, the Waccess group were quite confident that a rainwater harvesting (RWH) system at the FFS would be the best solution and a workshop with focus on RWH was prepared and ready. However, from the conversations that we have had so far and from the visit at the school, we are no longer sure that a RWH system is the best way to increase the water access in Tatum. It seems like the villagers wish to use other types of systems, like catchment areas and pipelines from natural springs, to increase the water access. Therefore, the decision of performing a field study has proven to be a good choice, but on the other hand, the development of the Waccess project might take an unexpected path. We will use the rest of our time here to identify the water-related issues concerning the school’s and villagers’ needs and desires. Hopefully, we can then, in collaboration with ACOHOF, come up with a good and suitable solution to improve access to water in Tatum.


Annual Recruitment Day


This Thursday Engineer to Engineer Uppsala held their annual Recruitment Day. The day consisted of speed dating and mingle with companies, one lecture on professional networking with UU career and one on intercultural & emotional intelligence when hunting for a job with Gwen Murray. 

We in the E2E team would like to thank the companies who attended the day; it would not have been possible without you!

Here is a list of the companies that participated: 
Novare Potential

Engineer to Engineer (E2E) is an integration project within Engineers Without Borders Sweden. We want to connect newly arrived engineers and scientists with Swedish companies within their field. E2E focus on networking and providing tools to make it easier finding a job in Sweden. Do you want to know more about us? Join our Facebook group "Engineer to Engineer Uppsala" or write us an e-mail at


Recruitment without borders

Event-19 (1).jpg

Are you new in Sweden and have a background in engineering or natural sciences? Now you have an opportunity to meet your potential future employer! Engineers Without Borders are happy to invite you to E2E Recruitment Day of Spring 2018.

Several established companies will be there to meet newly arrived engineers and scientists, explore the possibilities of work/internships and provide work-related advice. They will be there for you, holding lectures and looking for relevant recruits. 

This event is free of charge for participants, and we will also be serving lunch and fika. This day is especially for new-arrivals who have been working as engineers or scientists, but students are also welcome to participate. 

We will be able to pay asylum seekers for their transportation if this is applied for in advance. Contact us as soon as possible if you’re interested. 

You may apply through the following link:

We are sad to inform you that Ivan Öfverholm, founder of Ingenjörer utan gränser, suddenly passed away on Tuesday the 6th of March at 75 years old. Ivan will be greatly missed as a father, grandfather, friend, mentor, and colleague.



Ivan founded Ingenjörer utan gränser in Gothenburg in 2007 and was our chairperson until 2015. He was a man with a big heart. The idea of Ingenjörer utan gränser was born during the tragedy of the tsunami in 2004. Ivan was the glue that held us all together during the first years, always positive, working tirelessly to bring the best out of everyone and to find new talents for the team. Under his leadership, the organisation expanded from a small group at Chalmers to a national organization with groups in many major Swedish cities.


Ivan had a rich and eventful life as an engineer and manager, starting his career in early software and mobile telecommunications. He later moved on to the space industry, where he was CEO of Saab Ericsson Space, now Ruag Space, for almost two decades. He held several other roles in the engineering community, for example as president of The Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences in West Sweden (IVA Väst). Ivan always had a close connection to Chalmers, with a history as treasurer for the student union.

The final years of his life he dedicated to his grandchildren and friends, making the occasional visit to Ingenjörer utan gränser such as helping set up our Engineer to Engineer activities.

We want to thank Ivan for all the love and dedication he has shown Ingenjörer utan gränser throughout the years, and the lasting impressing he has left on so many of us.

The funeral will be held in Masthuggskyrkan at 13:00 on April 6th.

Ingenjörer utan gränser

New rainwater tank for a Primary School in Tanzania

Swisha till 1230737908
Under torrperioderna har Rukole Primary School i Tanzania inget vatten alls. Deras nuvarande trasiga regnvattentankar rymmer inte den mängd vatten som behövs för mer än 1300 elever. Dagligen är ca 400 elever sjuka och under 2018 har 3 elever gått bort. Tre personer från Ingenjörer utan gränser är på plats och jobbar på skolan dagligen. En ny fungerande vattentank skulle göra det möjligt för fler elever att fortsätta gå i skolan.



50 kr motsvarar en kostnad för att förse en elev med rent vatten varje dag under hela sin skolgång.

Varför skänka pengar till projekt:
- pengarna går direkt till byggnationen, inga mellanhänder
- Du stödjer lokal arbetskraft
- Ingenjörer utan gränser är på plats hela tiden och kommer dokumentera och se till att byggnationen går som planerat

Alla summor tas tacksamt emot. Du gör skillnad!
Swish: 1230737908

primary school.jpg

New rainwater tank for a Primary school in Tanzania

During the dry season, Rukole Primary School in Tanzania does not have any water at all. Their existing rainwater tanks are broken and too small to provide the over 1300 students with drinking water. Every day around 400 students are sick, and three students have passed away during 2018. Three volunteers from Engineers Without Borders Sweden are currently working at the school daily. A new water tank would enable more students to go to school.

50 SEK would pay for one student's clean drinking water use for his or her whole school period.

Why you should support this specific project: 
- the money goes directly to the construction of the tank (all work is voluntary) 
- You support local workforce
- Engineers Without Borders Sweden will be here to document and ensure that everything goes as planned

Every donation is appreciated. You can make a difference!
Swish: 1230737908

Greetings from the Nomination Committee

The annual meeting the 14th of April is approaching and we in the nomination committee have therefore begun our work. At the annual meeting, the nomination committee presents a proposal for next year's steering committee, that the annual meeting can choose. The nomination committee this year consists of Malin Strand, Lukas Leander and Hannes Kuusisto.

Until 28 February, we welcome members' nominations. We will use these in our process to form our proposal for the steering committee 2018/19.

Please send your nominations by mail to

Engineers Without Borders is growing and we are now recruiting a Secretary-General

Apply for the position HERE

Engineers Without Borders is growing and we are now recruiting a Secretary General - a newly established role. We are a relatively young organization that has grown rapidly in recent years, almost entirely based on volunteer work. We now need someone who can lead and develop our organization in a professional manner. As the role is newly established, there are great opportunities to develop it based on one’s own intentions. The Secretary-General reports to the Steering Group (Board). In addition to leading and developing the organization, we want the Secretary-General to participate actively in our work regarding international projects.

Apart from sharing the values of Engineers Without Borders, we believe that in order to take the role of Secretary General you:

  • have some experience of similar tasks, especially from work in a non-profit organization
  • have knowledge and experience of international volunteer work
  • have the ability to develop an organization
  • can communicate and take on the role of being Engineers Without Borders’ voice externally and internally
  • can lead and develop others

We estimate that the role of Secretary-General is about ½ time. Location is flexible.

Questions related to the position are answered by Caroline Bastholm (, 070-231 96 02) or
Jan Byfors (, 070-575 64 37)

Interested? Apply HERE before the 20th of February!

Recruitment without borders

recruitment event 1803 1 good quality.png

Engineer to Engineer connects progressive companies with newly arrived engineers and scientists to improve work and social integration. Engineers and scientists can network and exchange experiences with working professionals in Sweden. This project that aims to facilitate the integration of recently arrived engineers and scientists.

Bengt Dahlgren förlänger samarbetet med Ingenjörer utan gränser

Lars Kjellgren-VD Bengt Dahlgren Stockholm AB, Stina Efraimsson-Marknadskoordinator Bengt Dahlgren samt Amanda Lindén Guiñez och Jan Byfors från Ingenjörer utan gränser.

Lars Kjellgren-VD Bengt Dahlgren Stockholm AB, Stina Efraimsson-Marknadskoordinator Bengt Dahlgren samt Amanda Lindén Guiñez och Jan Byfors från Ingenjörer utan gränser.

Bengt Dahlgren förlänger nu samarbetet med Ingenjörer utan gränser. Bengt Dahlgrens stödjer och samverkar med Ingenjörer utan gränser dels i form av ekonomiskt bidrag och dels genom att medarbetare deltar praktiskt i olika volontärprojekt. Bengt Dahlgren går nu in med 500,000 över tre år samtidigt som det aktiva deltagandet i projekt fortsätter.

- ”Genom ett fortsatt samarbete vill vi skapa större förutsättningar för föreningen att utöva sin verksamhet. Vi vill också göra det möjligt för våra medarbetare att delta i volontärprojekt och på så vis bidra med vår tekniska kompetens.” säger Agneta Lundén Hjält, Personalchef på Bengt Dahlgren.

Sedan avtalet tecknades 2015 har Bengt Dahlgren ingått i flera spännande projekt. Bland annat i byn Chonyonyo, i Karagwe väster om Victoriasjön i Tanazania där Bengt Dahlgren deltar i det pågående arbetet med att förse invånarna i byn med renare vatten.

- ”Att vi nu fortsätter vårt samarbete med Bengt Dahlgren ytterligare 3 år som guldpartner till Ingenjörer utan gränser är mycket glädjande. I vårt samarbete hittills har Ingenjörer utan gränser fått tillgång till Bengt Dahlgrens högkvalificerade personal bland annat i vattenrelaterade projekt i Tanzania. Vidare har samarbetet stärkt Ingenjörer utan gränsers interna struktur vilket gjort det möjligt för oss att anta än fler och mer komplicerade uppgifter. Det har varit mycket värdefullt för oss och vi ser fram emot ett lika bra och fruktsamt samarbete de kommande tre åren.” säger Caroline Bastholm, ordförande Ingenjörer utan gränser

Bengt Dahlgren satsar mot att vara ett hållbart företag och samarbetet med Ingenjörer utan gränser ligger helt i linje med denna satsning. Social hållbarhet är en viktig aspekt och det finns en gemensam strävan mot ett samhälle där alla människor lever ett bra liv med god hälsa, utan orättvisa skillnader.

Fakta Bengt Dahlgren
Bengt Dahlgren är ett av Sveriges ledande teknikkonsultföretag inom VVS, Energi & Miljö, Styr & Övervakning, Brand & Risk samt Teknisk Förvaltning.

Sandvik AB has initiated a long-term collaboration with Engineers Without Borders Sweden

Johan Kerstell, Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources, Sandvik Group, Jessica Alm, Executive Vice President and Head of Group Communications, Sandvik Group, Jan Byfors, Acting Chariman, Engineers Without Borders Sweden, and Albin Thureson, Member of the Board, Engineers Without Borders Sweden

Johan Kerstell, Executive Vice President and Head of Human Resources, Sandvik Group, Jessica Alm, Executive Vice President and Head of Group Communications, Sandvik Group, Jan Byfors, Acting Chariman, Engineers Without Borders Sweden, and Albin Thureson, Member of the Board, Engineers Without Borders Sweden

Sandvik AB has initiated a long-term collaboration with Engineers Without Borders, Sweden, with the intention of contributing technical know-how, project management and international experience to the organization’s voluntary activities in Sweden and in developing countries.