Experienced project managers wanted as program leaders for activities in Tanzania

Engineers Without Borders Sweden (EWB-SWE) is working in partnership with a well-established organisation in Tanzania, Mavuno Project. After ten years of collaboration, we have common projects in several thematic areas such as water access, water purification, construction, sanitation, electrification, digitalisation in education, entrepreneurship etc. We are now looking for experienced project managers who can act as program leaders for different parts of our common work.

What shall be done?

At this point, EWB-SWE and Mavuno Project have approximately 10 common projects and initiatives ongoing in different phases. Though it is a strength to have many teams and people working on different aspects of one specific context, it is also a challenge to make sure that these groups benefit from and inspire each other. As a way of improving our work, we wish to group our projects and initiatives into 2-3 major projects/programs. The existing projects will act as sub-projects or activities within these, and the division will be based mainly on location of implementation. We are now searching for managers for the following programs:

Development of primary schools in Karagwe: Together with Mavuno, local authorities and local communities, we are working long-term and systematically to improve the conditions in Karagwe's 130 governmental primary schools. We focus on water supply, water purification, construction of toilets, and digitalisation of the school environment. The role as a program manager includes identification of sub-projects, support to and coordination of sub-project groups, dialogue with the Tanzanian authorities and Mavuno on priorities, division of work, division of responsibilities, etc.

Development of the Mavuno secondary school: Mavuno project is running a girls-only secondary school (school year 8-13) which acts as a role model in the area. The students are performing really well in regional rankings, and the school enrols ambitious girls that would otherwise have difficulties to reach higher education. The school is under development, and EWB-SWE is involved in the construction process including infrastructure for water, sanitation, electricity etc. The school is also a place where technology can be tested and evaluated before being spread to other places. The role as a program manager includes identification of sub-projects and additional areas in which our support would benefit the school's development, support to and coordination of sub-project groups, dialogue with Mavuno on priorities, division of work, division of responsibilities, etc.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking leaders of these larger projects/programs. You have experience in leading teams and projects, and you have a genuine interest in using your professional skills to support others in their personal development including students in Tanzania, junior project managers in EWB-SWE, technical professionals in Sweden and Tanzania etc. You regard your involvement in EWB-SWE as a long-term engagement stretching over some years, and you have a life situation allowing you to set aside a few hours every week to this voluntary work. You are interested in travelling to Tanzania to meet our project partner, though the majority of your work will be carried out from home.


If you have any additional questions about the work, please don’t hesitate to contact Caroline Bastholm: caroline.bastholm@ewb-swe.org. We review applications continuously.

Engineers Without Borders Sweden is promoting equality and inclusivity. We are strengthened by our differences. We encourage all qualified candidates to apply for the position, regardless of gender, age, ethnic background, religion, disability or sexual orientation.