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With your contribution, we can continue to engineer for long-term sustainable solutions.

Thank you for your generosity and support!


As a company you can support us either as a partner or as a contributor.

A partnership means we tailor-made long-term and active cooperation based on your business and your needs. We conduct joint activities that involve both employees and members from EWB and you may use our name and logo in your branding. You have the opportunity to contribute to proud employees, more satisfied customers and a more sustainable society. You can support and communicate international, national or local activities, depending on your focus and have access to inspirational speakers. You get a dedicated team that works with you to achieve the best possible results for both of us.


Many companies support us as partners and we have different levels of partnership.

You can read more about our partners here.

As a contributor, you can support as an organization or you can dedicate your contribution to a certain project or activity.


Our work is done entirely ideally by our members and you can choose to either support individual projects or the organisation in general. If you are interested in supporting a particular project, please enter your contribution at our plusgiro account 111 38 56-7. In the text field you enter:

  • Project name and (if you know) project number. We ask you to be as detailed as possible so that we know which project you are referring to. If it is a general contribution write "General contribution".

  • Your name and email address (if you want)

Your whole donation goes short to the project.
We would very much like you to become a member and you can easily do it here.


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How does your contribution make a difference?

One of our main principle is to cooperate with local NGO-partner on a long-term basis. By this we secure that our projects are focusing on actual and fundamental needs. Also, as we are working in same geographical areas over long time, we are able to follow-up the results from our projects and really secure the impact.

How does EWB decide where to use your contribution

EWB has a number of well-established focus areas to which we allocate our funding, see What we do. The decisions are based identified needs through our own activities in these areas, but also through our long-term partners, such as Mavuno, our NGO-partner in Tanzania.