Solar panels for Mavuno's orphanage

In the districts of Karagwe and Kierra, Tanzania, many children are orphaned or come from low-income families that are unable to take care of their children. These children live in difficult conditions and often have to work even though they are obliged to attend school.

The local organisation Mavuno is in the final phase of constructing an orphanage. Several of the children who will live in the orphanage have been exposed to violence, and various types of abuse and need appropriate care. A future manager has been sent to training so that the children can be taken care of professionally.

The orphanage is built close to the Mavuno Girls Modal Secondary School, a boarding school for girls where about half of the students are orphaned or come from low-income families. The boarding school has now been in operation for three years and the students at the school have the best study results throughout the district. The girls at the boarding school who do not have a family or relatives will also be able to have a home in the orphanage during the holidays.

The orphanage will open early 2019, and we now seek support for a solar PV electrification system similar to what we already have installed at the Mavuno Girls Modal Secondary School where the entire power supply is solar-based.

Mavuno's orphanage

Mavuno's orphanage


Mavuno is a local Tanzanian aid organisation that works to improve the quality of life in the rural areas of Karagwe and Kyerwa in northwestern Tanzania. Mavuno works with a variety of initiatives to strengthen the local community. The focus is on support for poor farmers in matters of cultivation, education, water, sanitation and energy issues. The initiatives are aimed at vulnerable groups in society such as children, young people, women and older people.

Engineers Without Borders has been working with Mavuno for a long time and value the cooperation with this local organisation. Mavuno has been active in the area for 25 years and has strong support and high confidence from the local community.

We are happy to announce that the technology and IT consulting company ALTEN Sweden has donated a substantial amount as a 2018 Christmas gift, covering 50 % of the total cost for the Solar PV system.