Our Guiding Documents

As our organization has grown, so has our need to structure our work and to become more and more organized. A big step in this work has been creating a solid backbone of guidelines and documents that we can consult when we find ourselves in doubt or unsure of the next step. We feel that these documents are an important part of what Engineers Without Borders Sweden is and what we stand for, and this is something we feel is important to both highlight and share.



The statutes is our most important document. Here our democratic foundation is cemented and the organization anchored.


Sponsorship Guidelines

As an NGO we rely on funding from both public and private donations and sponsorships. Accepting funds from others can be a complicated process, these guidelines help us decide what money to accept and what to gracefully decline. 


Key Values

Even if we have a number of guiding documents we always have to base our actions and decision on our key values.