Kolandoto Healthy Hospital

During 2015 - 2017 a collaboration between Kolandoto Hospital in Tanzania and the Swedish NGOs Involvaid, Engineers Without Borders and Architects Without Borders resulted in hospital infrastructure improvements worth 963 KSEK. All implementations were chosen by the hospital management team with the intention of decreasing morbidity and mortality of patients at the Kolandoto Hospital in the Shinyanga Region. 8 master theses were written by 14 master students from Chalmers University of Technology. The students spent two months each at Kolandoto Hospital. The project included professional visits by nurses, architects, civil engineers and electrical engineers who provided professional support in the planning and procurement of infrastructure improvements. As a first step a hospital masterplan was created by Kolandoto Hospital with the assistance of a Swedish architect to make sure that subsequent implementations followed the overall development plans of the Kolandoto Hospital. After this first step major project implementations were: increased water availability and improved water quality, stabilized and solar assisted electricity supply, and construction of an emergency department and the creation of a mass casualty plan. The primary objective of the project was the reduction of morbidity and mortality in the Shinyanga region. Secondary objectives were learning outcomes for the organizations and people involved in the project.