Annual meeting 2019

Place: Veras gräsmatta, Gothenburg (Vera Sandbergs allé 8, 412 96 Göteborg)

Weekend schedule 
Saturday, April 6:
12-13: Drop-in and Lunch
13-15: Annual Meeting
15-18: Discussions, Workshops, Presentation of new Graphical Profile, Vision and Mission and more.
19-22: Dinner

Sunday, April 7:
09-10: Common Breakfast
10-12: Further discussion within working groups.


1. Opening of the annual meeting
2. Election of meeting chairperson and secretary
3. Selection of adjuster, including voter calculator, to adjust the minutes together with the chairperson of the meeting
4. Approval of the annual meeting summons
5. Determination of electoral roll, list of present members
6. Determination of agenda - Appendix 1
7. Presentation of the annual report - Appendix 2
8. Accounting and Financial Statements - Appendix 3
9. Presentation of the Auditor's Report - Appendix 4
10. Determination of annual report and financial statements
11. Question of discharge for the board
12. Election of chairman, deputy chairman, treasurer and members of the board - Appendix 5
13. Election of one or more auditors - Appendix 5
14. Election of Nomination Committee - Appendix 5
15. Reporting of budget
16. Determination of membership fees - Appendix 6
17. Other decision matters that have been notified in writing to the organisation's chairperson or secretary general no later than two weeks before the annual meeting.
- Motion 1. Appendix 7 and 8
- Motion 2. Appendix 9 and 10
- Motion 3. Appendix 11 and 12
- Motion 4. Appendix 13 and 14
- Motion 5. Appendix 15 and 16
- Change in Statues – Appendix 17 and 18
18. Other matters without decisions
- The progress of last year’s motions
19. Closure of the meeting


Cost: The meeting is free of charge and Engineers Without Borders will serve lunch, fika and breakfast. After the meeting, a dinner will be hosted at restaurant Wijkanders with a price of 300 SEK. Link to payment can be found in the registration form.

Registration form:

Deadline for registration: 2019-03-24

Please specify if you have any allergies/food preferences and if you need accommodation. The members in Gothenburg can offer a limited number of places, so if you have the possibility to arranging it yourself that is much appreciated. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact Frida Moberg, Head of Events Gothenburg: 

What happens during your trip to and from the Annual Meeting?

EWB Sweden has an environmental group that works towards making EWB contributing to an increase of positive environmental impacts through its activities and toward a decrease of negative environmental impacts.

Right now EWB is, in line with the EU Strategy for a Climate Neutral Europe 2050, putting an extra effort in finding possibilities to decrease emissions from travels within the organisation by e.g. carbon offset for project related aviation.

We now want to take the chance to invite you to a brief perspective scenario related to emissions from travel to the meeting and how long it takes for a tree to neutralise the CO2 emissions.

Below we use the trip Stockholm-Göteborg (approximately 400 km) to show some travel emission scenarios, this time considering CO2 increase:

32215478_10215964536364071_5949887679129714688_n1 (1).jpg

If you decide to participate in the Annual Meeting these are your climate impacts:

1. Train: 8kg CO2/return trip

2. Car-Pool (with five seats, calculated per person): 30 kg CO2/return trip

3. Bus: 48kg CO2/ return trip

4. Fight: 128kg CO2/return trip

5. Petrol running car: 149 kg CO2/ return trip

6. Diesel running car: 166 kg CO2/return trip

The Tree

One leaf tree with a lifetime of 70 years can neutralise approximately 0.004 kg CO2/hour. It means that the tree would need around 11 weeks and two days to neutralise the CO2 from the return trip (8 hours) to the meeting with a train.
The same tree would though need about six years, nine months and two weeks to be able to neutralise the carbon from a return trip with a diesel car to the meeting.
We therefore here takes the chance to strongly suggest you take a nice, relaxing train trip to the meeting.